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Septic Tank Vault Santa Fe NM

Montano Concrete offers high quality septic tank vaults for sale. Give us a call for a quote at 505-989-7921 or come by our location at 4519 Agua Fria St. Santa Fe, NM 87507 to see what we have in stock and place your order.

Why Choose Precast Concrete Septic Tanks from Montano Concrete:

Precast concrete septic tanks have the tensile strength to handle high level stress when being transported, put in place during installation and when being used. Our pre-cast concrete septic tanks vaults are well made with the best concrete products available today.

The Buoyancy Factor:

Precast concrete septic tanks are very buoyant. Concrete septic tanks measure in at specific gravity of 2.40 and a higher resist buoyant forces than other materials. Take a look at tanks made out of fiberglass reinforced plastic. They carry a specific gravity of 1.86, and another product high-density polyethylene septic tanks (HDPE) have a specific gravity of 0.97.

Environmentally Sound Compared to Other Septic Tank Products:

Precast concrete safe for the environment and it is a safe building material from nature. Montano Concrete’s septic tanks are built to specific high-grade standards and meet or exceed all environmental requirements.

Montano Concrete’s precast concrete septic tanks meet State of New Mexico health department standards. The tanks are made to handle a wide selection of soils, load and groundwater situations. Montano Sand and Gravel precast concrete septic tanks are the best choice for your septic system needs.

If you’d like to learn more or place
your septic tank order call us at 505-989-7921.


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