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Montano Concrete offers one of the finest superior holding tank wastewater products available in the Santa Fe, NM area. The company’s products are ingenious, cost-efficient, and really great top quality precast products our customers can really rely on.

CONSISTENT QUALITY — Precast concrete holding tanks made by Montano Concrete are made onsite by the company. Each concrete tank is made with extra care to make sure it cures correctly and built to last.

FAST INSTALLATION — Holding tanks poured in place can be inconsistent. Montano Concrete pre-cast holding tanks are already cured, so when they arrive on the job site they are ready to be installed.

IMPROVED INSTALLATION SAFETY – Montano Concrete precast concrete holding tanks installations go quickly, going from a hole being dug, to the tank being placed to back filling the hole once all the components feeding the tank are connected properly. Because of the limited amount of time the holding tank excavation hole is open, the risk a worker or family member getting injured due to an fall into the hole are very slim.

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