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Sand Trap Tank

Sand Trap Tanks Santa Fe NM

Montano Concrete offers pre-cast concrete sand trap tanks for sale. Please contact us at 505-989-7921 for quote, questions or to place your order. Septic-Tanks-Santa-Fe-NM-Albert-Montano-Sand-and-Gravel1-300x224
A Sand Trap is a two-compartment interceptor designed to trap oil and grit from wash-down water. It is usually installed in service stations where the volume of waste water does not require the installation of a grease or sand interceptor.
The Sand Trap is usually installed in a central area inside the service bays of the station. The station’s bay floor is sloped for direct drainage of wash-down water into the inlet compartment of the sand trap through a grated cover. The fitting placement allows for maximum grit collection. The removal of this accumulate grit is done simply by removing covers which expose the entire interior of the trap.
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